Putting Your Adult Child's Things In Storage So You Can Finally Update Your Home

If your children have all left the nest but have left their childhood relics behind, this can be a sensitive issue. A great compromise is a self storage unit for your child's things that they might want to hold on to but don't currently have a place for. Here are four ways a storage unit can respect your grown child's things but you can reclaim your space.

1. Furnishings Your Adult Child Might Need

If your child is away at college and is in a situation that has furnishings, they might have a rude awakening down the line when they land their first empty apartment. You might be planning to get rid of these things, but storage might be a better option. If you have their desk, dresser, and bed from their childhood room safe in storage, they won't have to break the bank with furnishings.

2. Free up Time for Kids to Sort Through Items

If you are on a deadline to get redecorating project going, this might not coincide with your adult child's work or school schedule to come home and go through their things. If you try to go through their room and inadvertently throw out items that are important, you might be setting yourself up for a fight. Get everything boxed up and safe in storage so that your adult child can go through their things properly when they have the time.

3. Boxing up Items for the Future

Storing childhood items until your kids are ready for these is a better middle ground than just throwing these away. If your child is in college or in their early twenties, having their own kids and wanting to pass down toys and childhood memorabilia might be the last thing on their mind. It is a kind gesture to store these things until the time is right so that your grandkids can have a link to their parent's childhood toys.

4. Redecorate With Your Child in Mind

Make sure to keep communication open with your kids about your plans to redecorate the home. If you can have a plan in your mind for future visits, they won't feel like you are kicking them out. Reassure them their things are safe in storage for them they need this and that they will have a room when they come home for the holidays.

Your adult kids might enjoy having their childhood bedrooms when they come home for a few days during the holidays. The thing is, if this space is just sitting dormant the rest of the year, this isn't a great use of your home. Redecorating your home after your kids have grown isn't something you need to feel guilty about if you can incorporate a storage space for your child's things.