Tips For Keeping Your Stored Items Safe From Insect Damage

Using a self-storage unit may be the best option for freeing space inside your house, but if you have never used these services, you may be concerned about the safety of your possessions. In particular, you might be concerned about the threats posed by insects. Luckily, you should be relieved to learn that there are a couple of tips that you can follow to prevent these pests from causing serious harm to your possessions.

Wrap Your Boxes In Plastic

One of the best and most affordable options for preventing insects from damaging your items is to wrap your boxes in industrial plastic wrap. This type of plastic wrap is extremely durable, and several layers of it can dramatically reduce the ability of insects to get to your possessions.

While this can be a highly effective option for keeping your items safe from insects, you should avoid wrapping boxes that contain electronics. The plastic can cause condensation, which may harm the electronic devices. For boxes with these items, you should use a high-thread-count cloth to cover the box to keep insects out of it.

Seal The Interior Of The Unit

Depending on the design of your storage unit, you may need to consider sealing the walls and floors. There may be small gaps that can allow these insects to make it into your unit. Fortunately, sealing these gaps can be a rather simple task. You will need to lay a plastic sheet along the floor, and secure it to the sides of the unit with industrial tape. This process will need to be repeated for each of the walls and ceiling.

This step may seem intensive, but it can be essential for ensuring that insects are not able to cause problems inside your unit. When choosing a plastic for this task, make sure to use the thickest that you can find. This will reduce the likelihood of it ripping when you are moving things in the unit or insects being about to chew through it.

When storing items, insects can be a common source of damage to these items, and you may not have been aware of the steps for protecting items from this threat. Now that you do, implement them into your own storage unit. These simple steps can drastically reduce the chances that your items suffer unnecessary damage while being stored. For more tips, contact your self storage provider.