Three Ways To Reduce Your Items Before Moving Them To A Storage Unit

Moving from a large home into a smaller one is an ideal time to take stock of your possessions and decide what you wish to keep. Since you likely won't be able to fit everything from one home into the other, it's often effective to rent a storage unit at a storage facility to house the items you don't regularly need. The fewer items you have to store, the more money you'll be able to save in storage fees. Instead of simply throwing out the things you don't expect to use again, here are three avenues to explore.


Lending some of your possessions can have multiple benefits. Of course, doing so will help you reduce the volume of the amount you need to store, which will save you money. Additionally, lending can serve as an opportunity to help those around you. It's conventional to look within your network of trusted family members and friends when you wish to lend something, to increase the likelihood of getting each item back in its previous condition. Consult teenagers going away to college and looking for furnishings for their first apartments, young couples buying their first homes and anyone else who can benefit from household items. Lending furniture, for example, will drastically help these people while also benefiting you.


If you're comfortable getting rid of some of your possessions, donating them can be advantageous. Not only will the process help you thin out the number of goods that you need to store, but you'll also be helping individuals or groups in need. Consult your local branches of national charities and see if they have a need for your household items. You can also contact local homeless shelters and youth groups; a homeless shelter may be able to take old furniture, while a youth group could possibly want the pool table that would otherwise take up precious space in your storage unit. An added perk of giving to a charity is that you can often obtain a tax receipt to use when you file your income taxes.


Selling the items that you don't expect to need again can raise enough funds to pay for several months' of your storage fees. Find a selling style that suits you; some people partner with neighbors and hold community garage sales, while others list their items individually on Internet classifieds or auction sites. Each approach has its merits and you'll be rewarded for your efforts with some money in your pocket.

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