Packaging Belongings To Keep Moisture Away

If you are planning on placing items in storage for a while, you will want to make sure they are packaged appropriately to keep moisture away. In a storage unit, it is very easy to have damage in the form of rust, wood rot, corrosion, or even mold if you do not take steps to wrap your belongings properly. Here are some tips to use when preparing your belongings for long-term storage so they do not become ruined while in their temporary holding area.

Use New Boxes

If you plan on putting items into cardboard boxes, it is best to buy brand new ones from a moving supply store. Using old cardboard is risky as there is a chance the corrugation has weakened due to prior use. This could mean there are tiny voids in the cardboard that you may not see easily. Moisture can make its way into the enclosure through these holes or rips.

Seal Boxes And Containers

Plastic storage containers work wonderfully at keeping items in an enclosure that will not allow moisture inside. Make sure not to over-stuff these containers so the lid snaps into place on top of the container without pressure from the materials inside pushing it off.

When using plastic storage drawers, tape the drawers shut to help keep out any moisture. You may need to turn the drawer unit upside down to cover any crevices along the edges of the bottom drawer as well. Boxes should be completely sealed with packing tape on both the bottom and top of the box. Seal the side seams as well to help keep moisture from seeping inside.

Store Clothing Appropriately

The material of clothing can become mildewed if stored in a damp condition. Place apparel in a dryer for a few minutes before packaging up for storage to make sure each item is totally dry. Place a few silica gel packets into plastic storage containers, garment bags, or boxes with clothing inside to help trap any moisture from ruining the pieces.

Always Double Wrap

It is best to place items in two sets of wrapping when placing items in storage. One of these should be a protective air-tight covering such as a plastic bag or shrink-wrap. Bubble wrap works well for items that are breakable as well as susceptible to moisture damage. Wooden furniture can be wrapped in a blanket or sheet before placing into a breathable furniture bag.

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