Three Creative Ways To Pay Less For Your Storage Space

Whether your home is too small or you simply have too many possessions, you can often find the solution to keeping organized in the form of a storage unit. By relocating some of your possessions to this space, you can regain order in your home and still have convenient access to what you need. If your finances are tight, however, you might shy away from exploring the idea of renting space at a self-storage facility. There's no need to let your budget get in the way of keeping organized. Here are three simple ways that you can save money on your monthly storage fees.

Be Patient While Searching

While it might be tempting to visit the self-storage facility closest to your home and rent a unit, you'll be better off taking a patient approach. Being patient allows you to scour the websites of storage businesses throughout your city and see which business has a price-drop promotion coming up or which provides a discount coupon for following the business's social media page. Additionally, storage fees can range from facility to facility; if you live in a particularly affluent part of town, you might save money by visiting a facility elsewhere. By keeping these strategies in mind, and only renting a unit when you've found a good deal, you'll be helping yourself financially.

Don't Opt For More Than You Need

One of the benefits of using self-storage is that modern-day facilities offer a wide range of features for customers. These features, which can include temperate-controlled units, brightly lit units and units with direct access from your vehicle, are ideal but can raise the cost of your storage bill. If you don't anticipate needing a unit with these extra features, ask the rental agent about the price of a standard, no-frills unit. In doing so, you'll be saving money each month.

Find Someone Who Can Share The Cost

Another effective way to cut the cost of your storage unit is to find someone with whom you can share the expense. If you have a close friend, co-worker or family member who is also shopping around for self-storage, talk about the size of unit you each need. If you put your money together and rent a larger unit, you can each have your desired amount of space, often for less money than you'd each pay for renting a smaller unit individually. If you don't wish to split the space equally, you can opt for another split, such as 70/30, based on your individual needs. For more information about saving money on storage, talk with a facility, such as Access Self Storage