Tips For Moving Your Craft Supplies Without Creating A Mess

Crafting is an awesome hobby that brings people a ton of joy. However, it can bring a lot of pain and suffering when you are trying to move your carefully accumulated supplies because you started a new job in another state or city. Here are some tips for moving your craft supplies without creating a huge mess so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.  

1. Consider Ditching Materials That Are Easy to Purchase Again

First, start paring down your craft supplies. If you have a large number of supplies that are relatively cheap and can be found at any craft store in the country, then you might want to consider finding a new home for these supplies by donating them to a elementary school or senior center. This will reduce the amount of items that you have to move. Some great items to consider replacing when you get to your new destination include loose glitter which can easily spill, glue bottles, wood scraps, and cheap construction paper. Any items that are more difficult to reproduce, such as button collections or expensive card stock supplies should be packed securely in either jars that have screw-top lids that will not come off or in large paper bags that will keep everything flat.

2. Make a Small Box of Essentials That You Can Easily Unpack and Make Smaller Crafts

If you're moving to a new place, it might take you weeks to get your craft room set up again because you might have other unpacking priorities, such as unpacking all of your clothes or going to your new job. In order to combat this, think of any crafts that you might want to do in the next month or two. If you think that you might need to make cards, pack a box full of card-making supplies. If you think that you might need to make jewelry for a friend's birthday, make a box full of beads and string. This will allow you to not stop doing your hobby even if you don't have access to your full range of supplies.

3. Don't Dismantle Your Drawers

If you have a small set of plastic drawers, don't take the drawers out of their frame. Instead, tape them into the frame using strong packing tape. Shake the frame of the drawers hard so that you can make sure that the drawers will not dislodge from their frame. If they do, use more tape. Then, pack all of the drawers and the frame in which they are located into a single box. Don't take out the drawers and empty your craft supplies to sort. It will be much easier to transport the entire set of drawers in their frame.

For more information, talk to a local moving company.