What Are The Dos And Don'ts Of Hiring Professional Movers?

Hiring a moving company is a great way to reduce stress and not have to worry about getting a truck or dealing with the heavy furniture and boxes. Before you rush into the decision, make sure you follow these important do's and don'ts of hiring movers.

Do: Get quotes from multiple moving companies

When you first start looking for professional movers, don't just pick the first one you find without looking at others. Even if you found out about this moving company from someone who gave a positive reference, there might be moving companies willing to offer you a good discount who aren't as well known, but provide the same good service. It is a good idea to select a few local companies and get quotes from each of them. Avoid movers that charge a fee for the moving quote.

Don't: Wait until the last minute

This is a common mistake people make ,assuming the moving company will have plenty of openings near their moving date. It is important that you start making plans as soon as you know the date you will be moving. Begin calling up moving companies, scheduling days for them to see your home and get a quote, and comparing the companies so you can choose one. You will need to have a firm schedule in place with the moving company of your choice and might also need to leave a deposit. Moving companies often get busy and rarely have last-minute openings.

Do: Arrange for a backup

While it is good to have a firm plan with your moving company, things happen, so you should be prepared for it. What would you do if the moving company's truck broke down the night before they are meant to help you move? With a short amount of time, you might not have many options left. Try to arrange for some backups, whether it is another moving company that is willing to hold a spot for you or friends with a truck that would be able to come by and help.

Don't: Hire movers without seeing your home

For an accurate moving quote, the moving company needs to drive out and see your home. They should not just go based on the number of bedrooms or square footage of your home. Some homes have five bedrooms completely filled with heavy furniture, while others have a bedroom or two that is only half-full. This can greatly affect how long it takes to move the furniture, which affects the final quote. Make sure the moving company is coming out to look at the home and what needs to be moved when preparing the final quote. Sign your contract after this quote has been established.

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