Gap Year Self Storage Tips

If you're doing a gap year or other short-term move abroad, a self storage rental unit is an excellent option for storing your extra belongings cheaply and safely. Here are some tips on making storage units work for you while you're away. 

Only Store Stuff You Really Need

Storage units do come at a cost, so make sure you're not holding onto everything you have and paying a premium in storage unit space. You may want to economize by getting rid of larger items so that you can rent a smaller space. For example, if you're paying $100 per month for storage space and half of that is going towards storing your furniture, then over the course of the year, you'll spend an extra $600 on storage, which could be more than your furniture is worth. It may be best just to donate or sell these items and purchase new ones later. 

Organize the Unit Well

Another way to stay smart with your storage unit is to organize it really well. If you need friend or family member to ship something to you while you're abroad, you'll want to make sure that they can easily locate the item without having to take apart everything you've packed so carefully. Consider having labels on the boxes that list their entire contents. You may also want to separate the boxes that contain things you think you might need to access. That way, you can direct your friend to a specific spot in the storage unit so that they aren't searching the entire unit. 

Choose a Full-Featured Storage Unit

The storage facility itself plays a big role in your success at self storage rental while you're abroad. The first thing to do is to check the reviews. Be sure that there are no recent break-ins, problems with pests, or other glaring issues. If there are, bring them up with a manager before you rent to make sure the issues have been taken care of. 

When you're choosing a unit, be sure that it is temperature controlled. Outdoor storage units are a no-no, because you won't be able to check to ensure no ice is forming under your door and damaging your boxes, among other concerns. You'll want to inspect the unit yourself so that you can see the locations of security cameras and make sure they are directly pointing at your unit. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra on the best storage unit that will give you peace of mind as you travel.