Gap Year Self Storage Tips

If you're doing a gap year or other short-term move abroad, a self storage rental unit is an excellent option for storing your extra belongings cheaply and safely. Here are some tips on making storage units work for you while you're away.  Only Store Stuff You Really Need Storage units do come at a cost, so make sure you're not holding onto everything you have and paying a premium in storage unit space.

9 Tips For A Stress-Free Moving Day

Moving day is a massive struggle. Yet it's an inevitable part of our lives. You may not be able to prevent it, but at the very least you can make it easier, and far less stressful. Here are our top tips for the easiest moving experience of your life.   1. Thin the herd Why move more things than you have to? If you haven't thinned out your possessions in a while, it may be time for you to do so.

3 Ways To Save Cash During Your Move

Whether you're moving in-state or somewhere far away, moving can be an expensive proposition. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to save a bit of cash during the moving process. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you'll learn of a few ways on how you can save cash during a move. Write It Off! You can actually save money on your taxes when you move since you can count your moving expenses as a tax write off.

What Are The Dos And Don'ts Of Hiring Professional Movers?

Hiring a moving company is a great way to reduce stress and not have to worry about getting a truck or dealing with the heavy furniture and boxes. Before you rush into the decision, make sure you follow these important do's and don'ts of hiring movers. Do: Get quotes from multiple moving companies When you first start looking for professional movers, don't just pick the first one you find without looking at others.

Tips For Finding The Ideal Moving Service

If you need to move, then you want to make sure that your belongings will be safe and that they will arrive at the destination in a timely manner. However, there are quite a few moving companies out there and they aren't all created equal. To help you pick the best of the best, here are some tips for finding a moving company: Paperwork Now this is going to be the most boring part of the process and no one really wants to deal with it, but a great way to narrow down the competition is to take a look at the finer details.